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The SoHA Foundation provides financial assistance to students seeking to live more fully from their hearts by attending programs offered by the School of Humanity & Awareness.

The SoHA Foundation is a not-for-profit 501c3 scholarship foundation. The Board of Directors is all volunteer, which keeps operating expenses low, and allows almost all donations to be distributed towards scholarships.

School of Humanity & Awareness

SoHA is designed to support fulfillment through purpose - for all. We are committed to serve the awakening of the individual within the community - releasing stagnation towards the natural growth of aliveness which is the heart's true calling.

"We serve an interconnected humanity through love. We teach that life is a journey of Grace that opens us to our compassionate natures as we awaken and mature our lives. Together, we mother and father forward the creation of a new world."

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We offer several easy ways for you to make your tax-deductible donation to the SoHA Foundation. Make a donation today to support a student's soul work.

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We grant scholarships for courses offered by the School of Humanity & Awareness (SoHA) including the Innner Awareness Courses, the Insight Courses, the OneDream Program, LSS, Kinesiology Training, and Sacred Service Travel programs.

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